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No disrespect to the younger fans/shippers...but I need Val w/ an adult so he can dance to his full capability as A PASSIONATE SEXY ADULT MAN. None of this pg13 'Val having to ask the pros to not pick a Rumba in the dance off cause he knew that would be inappropriate' nonsense. I'm not here for this young audience they're obviously trying to get.


You said it. All of this 👆👆🙌🙌🙏

Hell yes to infinity. Should be 18 years old & up.

bless you for posting more bwat vids. i was finally able to see and download the 'fever' dance w/ audio. thank you. you have no idea how much i appreciate it.

You’re very welcome. I have a few more but they’re all really short so not sure if it’s worth it. Takes forever to upload from my phone.

Hi! You went to the second night of bwat? I hope I'm not bugging you by asking, did Maks say anything about Meryl? How hot did the brothers look?? I'm sure the dancing was amazing! Hope you had fun (:

Yes, I went to both nights. Having them perform in the state & not having to get on a plane, I had to go. Meryl was mentioned once during Q&A vid 2 on night 2.The boys are beautiful in person. They really feed off the crowd too. It was louder on night 2 & the boys were more playful. The ladies are just gorgeous. Seeing their emotions live has a bigger impact than on tv. Hope they return. Val said he was returning after the season. Asked how the weather was in December. So 🙏.

Do you have the rest of the video of the Q&A from bwat?!?!

I posted all of the Q&A vids. I do have lots of other vids from both nights that I haven’t uploaded yet.